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Domus Nova Spring 2022

Inside this edition

Pages 8-13

De Rosee Sa: Modern contextualists

Max De Rosee and Claire Sa, founders of De Rosee Sa, reveal the story behind their renowned architecture practice and their atmospheric designs.

ArchitectureIn The Studio+1 more
Pages 18-23

A Light Touch: The rules of illumination

There’s no rulebook when it comes to designing a beautiful home, but when your lighting, textures and colours paint the right picture, it’s hard to go wrong, say our five design experts.

Interior Design
Pages 24-25

Insider notes: Ibiza is going green

With Ibiza’s undulating hills, rocky mountains & crystal-clear water, the island’s natural beauty is motivating islanders to preserve its unique ecosystem.

Pages 28-33

Terravita: Inspired by nature

Jason Watson Todd, the founder of eco-conscious Ibizan design studio Terravita, reveals how his state-of-the-art homes push boundaries in every sense.

ArchitectureIbiza+1 more
Pages 36-37

Ojo Wines: The taste of Ibiza

Set in Ibiza's lush north, organic wine brand Ojo de Ibiza captures the taste of the island by working in harmony with nature.

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Pages 38-39

Terra Masia: An ecological Eden

We speak to Terra Masia's head farmer about how he has perfected the process of planting and harvesting sustainably and what it might mean for the future of the island.

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Page 49

Campbell-Rey: Refining history

A discussion with design virtuosos Duncan Campbell and Charlotte Rey on why no aesthetic, allusion, material or colour is off-limits in their furniture line. Plus, movements that inspire them.

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