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Ojo Wines Vineyard

Organic wine brand Ojo de Ibiza captures the taste of the island by working in harmony with nature.

The organic vines for the Ojo de Ibiza wine were planted in 2013 and are harvested every year by hand. The grapes are grown in limestone soil on terraces, or feixas, high above sea level. They ripen slowly under the Balearic sun to create a wine that is balanced and elegant with hints of black fruit and aromatic herbs. They are, according to the vineyard’s founder Dieter Meier, a spiritual expression of Ibiza and the vineyard only produces a limited range of 4,000 bottles a year. “Ojo de Ibiza’s Terrazas del Norte is a blend of Monastrell, Syrah and Cabernet,” Johannes Goller of Ojo Wines explains. “We’re very proud of the wine and it ages beautifully – the 2016 vintage is incredible: we had the perfect conditions in the barrels. We are currently selling the 2017.”

Its blend is made with minimal human intervention, the greatest respect for the environment and is certified under the organic farming seal. “Because of where Ibiza is situated, all the grape varieties enjoy consistent weather and soil conditions. Ours is a mellow wine with dark colours,” Johannes says. “Come and visit our vineyard for a tasting – an experience you won’t forget.” The Terrazas del Norte vineyard is in the spectacular north of the island. When the Ojo team found the land, they worked hard to restore it to a state of fertility; its terraces were rebuilt, the soil naturally fertilised, and grapes planted organically. “The goal was always to find the perfect place to develop and grow premium vines, but also to maintain the beauty of the landscape,” Johannes says.

At Ojo, the chief concern is promoting biodiversity in the Ibizan countryside. When you avoid the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, you are moving towards harmony with nature. In tune with their surroundings, the winery is looking ahead to the future. The effects of global warming playing havoc on weather conditions, the team at Ojo are researching and developing a vineyard management system that can reduce water consumption and protect the grapes against sunburn. The island’s natural landscape and environmentally-conscious way of living is part of what Johannes enjoys about living there. “Ibiza has been my home for 21 years now and it feels like I’m living in paradise,” he smiles. “The island has transformed over the last decade and the pandemic has accelerated this. Now we see more nature lovers coming to Ibiza.”

Ojo Wines Wine Tasting
- Johannes Goller, Ojo Wines

The goal was always to find the perfect place to develop and grow premium vines, but also to maintain the beauty of the landscape.

- Johannes Goller of Ojo Wines