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pool of terravita

With Ibiza’s undulating hills, rocky mountains and crystal-clear water, the bohemian island’s natural beauty is motivating islanders to preserve its unique ecosystem.

The secret is out. While there’s an unrelenting pull to the summer season on the island, a different kind of magic takes over during the winter months. Now more than ever, Ibiza’s promise of escapism is drawing people to its coastlines. That’s why Ibiza’s clubs are reopening in April – the earliest of the season to date – and we’ve seen our early spring bookings skyrocket.

Holiday rentals are stretching past September and October too as high-octane nights are swapped for slow-paced walks backdropped by the rock of Es Vedra as the turquoise sea ebbs and flows. Off-the-beaten-track adventures and trips to Pla de Corona Valley to watch the almond blossoms return to their full glory. Yes, there’s a year-round welcoming community, famous sunset vistas and a balmy clime but the off-season is also when the island’s natural landscape truly shines.

Nature is fascinating; its beauty is in its perfection. Environmentally-conscious design pushes you to keep innovating and testing your limits.

- Jason Watson Todd, Founder of Terravita

And if there’s one lesson we’ve learnt from the pandemic, it’s how special Ibiza’s delicate ecosystems are – an appreciation that is manifesting in how people are choosing to live on the island. From environmentally conscious architecture and interior design to sustainable farming and organic vineyards, the need to protect Ibiza’s ecology has captured the popular imagination. The gradual spread of cutting-edge technology and renewed efforts to minimise carbon production are a celebration of Ibiza’s forward-thinking attitude and its commitment to a brighter future.

This year, we’re in need of a fresh perspective so It’s no surprise that the demand for our homes is growing. There’s optimism for the months ahead and discerning buyers are spotting opportunities to make a more permanent base on the island – a home away from home that keeps you close to Ibiza’s spectacular views and bohemian way of life. If you feel the pull of the Balearics, don’t hesitate.