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Luxurious interior of a design-forward cottage
Palace Gate London by Tala Fustok Studio, Styling: Sania Pell, Photography: Michael Sinclair
Howark 016 Kitchen2 (2)
Moretti Interior Design Reception room 6
Design-forward living room
Tala Fustok Studio _ Palace Gate London 13 _ Credit_ Sania Pell styling; Michael Sinclair photography

We speak to five pioneering designers to find out how trends will shape our homes this year.

It’s easy to look back and explain why something was bound to happen. Hindsight is 20/20, after all. But it’s much harder to look forward and anticipate what’s to come.

To shed light on this year’s trends, we speak to leading interior designers to get their angle on what we should be looking out for in 2023. Patterns? Bright accents? The demise of the colour green? These design experts reveal all.

Heathfield Kitchen by Moretti Interior Design © Moretti Interior Design
- Heathfield Kitchen by Moretti Interior Design

Sheena Murphy, nune

“My hope is that we will continue to see an overall focus on materials and processes that lay lightly on the planet and increase the wellbeing of both those making and consuming the products. Whether it’s eco-friendly insulation, VOC-free paints or carbon-neutral furniture, it all helps and really matters. Consumers have a growing awareness around their purchasing and its impact on the environment as well as their own health. I’m hopeful this will all continue and gain more momentum.”

Saskia Howard, Howark Design

“We have noticed in recent years that clients are moving away from neutral or ‘safe’ interiors in favour of a bolder, more characterful aesthetic. We expect to see more and more expressive, colourful designs that truly reflect homeowners’ personalities in the year ahead and beyond.”

Tala Fustok, Tala Fustok Studio

“I think we’ll definitely see the continuation of the green powerhouse hue, dictated by designers and consumer demand. Let’s also see how magenta comes into play. Oversized lighting may have another moment in 2023. Cane, rattan, bamboo and linen will be at the core of many 2023 designs.”

Tiffany Duggan, Studio Duggan

“I think we will see a lot of nostalgia in 2023…fitted carpets are regaining popularity, as well as rich chocolate brown tones and glossy, buttery creams. There will be a new focus on texture, layering and warmth, particularly with regard to wall finishes. We are seeing more fabric walling and timber-clad walls. For the latter think slick, deco-inspired walnuts and burr woods as opposed to rustic planks. I’m also all for using cork in a really elevated and unexpected way.”

Cinzia Moretti, Moretti Interior Design

“I think we’ll see darker interiors, especially in the kitchen. Plus, more copper and natural materials and a return to choosing good quality furniture rather than cheap solutions; in general, things that cultivate zen homes. Also, expect more rounded furniture shapes as this gives a sense of comfort.”

Nicole Salvesen, Salvesen Graham

“We’re loving the resurgence of borders. There are endless creative uses of borders – they’re an easy and joyful way to introduce pattern and colour to your interior scheme. Whether framing a door, window or another other architectural detail, they allow you to create a unique home with ease.”