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Aero jets London to Ibiza _7
A small jet plane on a runway in front of a sunset

Indulge in premium flights to Ibiza and beyond, without the associated price tag.

An airliner taking flight is a sight to behold. During the golden age of aviation, the experience of soaring into the clouds was almost indescribable. Commercial air travel was new and exciting: passengers dressed up for the occasion and Champagne flowed freely.

More recently, Concorde travelled at such speeds that passengers might see the sun set in the east or rise in the west. Fast forward to today and air travel can be tedious and tiresome. Premium seats are being cut from cabin configurations and some would argue that flying first class isn’t as luxurious as it once was. Meanwhile, whether you’re queueing for security or taking a breather in a private lounge, airports are the world’s largest waiting rooms.

Inspired by the golden age of aviation, Aero offers the experience of flying on a jet but for a considerably lower cost. Take the Embraer ERJ135, which Aero has reimagined as a jet-black, 16-seater plane with hand-stitched Italian leather seats. “Our objective is to deliver a radically better premium leisure travel experience,” explains CEO Uma Subramanian.

Aero set out to fly short distances to coveted places that can be harder to reach. The airline provides premium flights between selected destinations in Europe and North America. Guests book per seat – all of which are first class – and fly in the company of like-minded travellers. A seasonal airline, Aero flies summer routes to Mediterranean destinations like Ibiza and Mykonos. Winter fights to Geneva, Sion and Nice provide a gateway to the Swiss and French Alps. In North America, routes connect LA with Aspen, Sun Valley and Los Cabos. Use the code DOMUSNOVA to receive a 15% discount, on any Aero route, on your first booking.

“We provide a solution to air travel that is exactly what travellers are looking for.”
- Uma Subramanian, Aero CEO

Flying direct between crowd-free, low-contact private terminals not only minimises travel time but makes for an enjoyable and seamless experience. “As a semi-private jet service, Aero is positioned in the sweet spot in between first-class commercial and private air travel,” Uma explains. “We provide all of the benefits and flexibility of private air travel at a more accessible cost.”

Hosts provide a personalised service while a concierge team is on hand to arrange transportation and secure access to exclusive events at partner hotels, restaurants and members’ clubs. “With our contactless check-in, access to private terminals, luggage arrangements and private transfers on the ground, we provide a solution to air travel that is exactly what travellers are looking for,” Uma adds.

There are a number of alternatives to non-private flying. However, shared ownership schemes may pass unwanted liability or maintenance costs onto the customer while chartering a jet can still be prohibitively expensive. 

By redesigning what many would think of as a private jet, Aero is able to offer the experience of flying private for a fraction of the cost. While the leisure travel landscape is shifting, innovators are busy creating alternative ways to fly.

Use the code DOMUSNOVA to receive a 15% discount, on any Aero route, on your first booking. Aero’s final 2022 flights between London and Ibiza run on 29 September and 3 October in both directions. This route will return in early summer 2023.