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Going by the saying no fuel – the sun is free, La Bella Verde is just one of the many up-and-coming eco-friendly companies growing across the island to champion for choosing environmentally conscious decisions.

A breath-taking experience whilst staying true to the promises made to change Ibiza’s approach to climate change, La Bella Verde offers a unique way of exploring the various nearby islands on a catamaran adventure.

Founded in 2014, the company pioneers for the green boating movement with the main aim to respect the natural beauty of Ibiza and its waters using emission-free means. Three solar-powered catamarans roam the Mediterranean’s pristine waters using silent electrical motors – making the sailing experience not only sustainable but also fully relaxing.

Behind La Bella Verde’s promise to offer a one-of-a-kind sailing experience across the Balearic archipelago lies an even more important message that the company hopes to expand, namely, to educate the public on the current problems about pollution in order to give future generations the possibility to enjoy clean waters as well. Powered by one of nature’s gifts, the sun, the picturesque catamaran rides off the coast of Ibiza are an absolute treat for any island visitor. The additional support for environmental conservation on the island makes La Bella Verde a standout in our Ibiza list of things to do.

The staff are incredibly friendly and mellow music plays whilst you drift along the waters, allowing the wind and sun to guide you across Ibiza’s crystal blue waters – an unbelievable feeling that can only be understood once experiencing it yourself. So, what are you waiting for?

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