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Paolo Cossu Architects

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A London-based architecture studio specialising in projects for private, commercial and art sector clients, emphasising a holistic approach to architecture and interiors.

Believing that architecture and design goes beyond the physical form, Paolo Cossu Architects create with the intention to understand their clients’ visions and lifestyles too. By embracing the unique features of a site’s surroundings, they ensure that all constructions engage with their environments. The studio enjoys working closely with clients and consultants to create unique and inventive solutions to suit each project, whether it’s a small scale residential intervention or an extensive urban design scheme.

Aiming to add a sense of authenticity and belonging to the spaces they design; the studio intertwines brand identity with each project’s diverse needs. Their extensive network includes artisans and manufacturers from Italy and the UK, ensuring high standards of craftsmanship in bespoke joinery, marble, glass and more. With a design philosophy that includes creating spaces that offer a sensory experience, they carefully select all materials, textures, and styles. By ensuring that interiors are intuitive and easy to navigate, they enhance the overall experience, and foster a sense of comfort and efficiency.