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Founders of Carpenters Workshop Gallery (3)_
CarpentersWorkshopGallery, Sunbeam Studios, 2022
Domus-Nova-Journal-Ladbroke-Hall-Art-Gallery (11)
Domus-Nova-Journal-Ladbroke-Hall-Art-Gallery (12)

The Grade II-listed arts hub combines a theatre, a restaurant and striking gallery spaces sensitively reimagined by Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

“We are not interested in design,” states the manifesto on the Carpenters Workshop Gallery website.  Occupying the intersection between art, sculpture and furniture, the visionaries behind the recently launched Ladbroke Hall have created a formidable reputation by favouring beauty over value, originality over exclusivity and emotional connection over financial appreciation.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery started life in 2006 in an old carpentry studio. Fast forward to 2023 and the organisation works with big names, while still championing fledging artists, and spans spaces in Paris, New York, Los Angeles and, now, Ladbroke Hall in North Kensington. 

Once the headquarters of the Sunbeam Talbot Motor Company and part of the first purpose-built car factory in the UK, Ladbroke Hall was previously a photography studio and events venue before being transformed into an inspiring arts space pairing intricate details with unrestrained proportions. Regal insignia covers the walls inside and out – a common calling card of British companies at the turn of the 20th century, in stark contrast to today’s clean-lined logos.

“We felt the need to move away from the traditional white cube model.”

- Loïc Le Gaillard, Co-Founder

“We felt the need to move away from the traditional white cube model and propose a new approach that would nurture people’s emotional responses to wide-ranging art forms,” explains Carpenters Workshop Gallery co-founder Loïc Le Gaillard. “Our vision for Ladbroke Hall is that it will break existing boundaries imposed on art’s various disciplines and become a place where our growing ecosystem of artists and like-minded people will enjoy spending time together.”

Along with his co-founder Julien Lombrail and a team of visionary artists, Loïc wanted to create a “stage for creative freedom”. This dream has come to fruition in the form of a gallery across multiple levels with private salons, a photography studio and a theatre. This is in addition to a restaurant, recording studio and a 12,500-square-foot secret garden.

CarpentersWorkshopGallery, Sunbeam Studios, 2022
- CarpentersWorkshopGallery, Sunbeam Studios, 2022

The accompanying creative arts programme sees a range of exhibitions spotlighting a variety of mediums. Denuncia is an exploration of highly personal works by late Brazilian artist José Zanine Caldas. By employing organic textures, Caldas crafted inventive furniture pieces which have been gathered together in this momentous collection. Meanwhile, Metamorph by Niko Koronis presents the opportunity to encounter the dark brilliance of Belgian black marble. Both exhibitions run until Sunday 24 September.

Other events and exhibitions include Lizworks by jewellery designer Liz Swig, live music by Corrine Bailey Rae and, from 10 October, Archaeology of Consciousness, which explores the process of reclamation through the stone and Murano glass sculptures of Vincenzo De Cotiis.

“It was easy to fall in love with Ladbroke Hall.”

- Loïc Le Gaillard, Co-Founder

Soon to open, the restaurant will be helmed by chef Emanuele Pollini. Thousands of hours of work have culminated in a huge woven sculpture by Spanish artist Nacho Carbonell that occupies the triple-height atrium in the dining room. Partly inspired by the earthy, natural textures of Ibiza, the piece is generously illuminated by the space’s expansive glazing.

This arresting piece, joined by commissions from Sir Christopher Le Brun, speaks to the scale and intricacy of the room it inhabits. “When we came across Ladbroke Hall, we were struck by its beautiful architectural details, which we set out to restore,” explains Loïc. “It was easy to fall in love with it.” Outside, the garden has been carefully landscaped by Chelsea flower show winner Luciano Giubbilei, with a private dining pavilion designed by Jean Prouvé.

“As well as being a space for the creative community and local area to spend time and discover leading talent across the arts, we are also developing a community programme to inspire the next generation of trailblazing artists,” Loïc enthuses. “Some of our London-based artists are already on board and actively working with local community organisations to set up youth projects.”

A love letter to both the storied history of the building and the future of creativity, Ladbroke Hall honours its setting while carving a new path for the appreciation and progression of the arts in West London.

Ladbroke Hall is open now, with exhibitions by José Zanine Caldas, Niko Koronis and Liz Swig.