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Carpenters Workshop Gallery


Guided by a demand for emotional, artistic and historically relevant design, artwork here obscures the traditional genres.

A gallery not interested in design, Carpenters Workshop Gallery are focused instead on the specific and rare moment when design becomes art: the inception of a new movement, a debate of form versus function. Beyond markets and trends, every new piece must seduce. Looking for work that stirs every sense, their artworks provide total and intense experiences.

Always the first collectors of their editions, the gallery select only the best works from artists they believe are the icons of our time. Focused on redefining the boundaries between art, sculpture and design, their curated exhibitions obscure traditional artistic genres.

Based in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles, Carpenters Workshop Gallery boasts a strong global presence. Their flagship gallery, Ladbroke Hall, is the newest addition to their spaces – a Grade II-listed arts hub that combines a theatre, a restaurant and gallery.


Addicted to the creative process, their yearning for poetry and emotion leads all artistic choices.