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Domus Nova Spring 2010

Pages 6-11

Home: Same form, new function

Domestic design in the new normal; what does “home” mean to you? Designers reimagine our post-pandemic living spaces.

ArchitectureInterior Design
Pages 32-35

Cleanse and reset: The power of a good bathroom

Chromotherapy showers. Steam rooms. Sauna chambers. On a quest for calm and reinvigoration? Experts reveal how you can tap into the transformative power of your bathroom.

Interior Design
Pages 42-47

Eco-friendly design: Green is the new black

In this deep dive into the future of sustainable design, we speak to the architects putting the environment first with their eco-friendly thinking.

ArchitectureInterior Design

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Domus Nova Spring 2024

Published Spring 2023

Hear from the studios shaping London’s architectural and interior design landscape – and the stories behind some of the most inspiring homes for sale and rent this season.

Domus Ibiza – Issue 06

Published Summer 2024

The islanders reviving Ibiza’s artisanal traditions – from the contemporary ceramicists reimagining an ancient artform to the architects respecting time-honoured design principles.

Domus Nova Spring 2023

Published Spring 2023

We talk to the architects and designers going beyond bricks and mortar to shape what it means to live well. We also hear from the homeowners reimagining dwellings that honour their history and habitat.

Domus Nova Autumn 2022

Published Autumn 2022

This issue we speak to architects tearing up the rulebook and confronting challenges to create spaces that push boundaries and inspire, whatever the season.