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DomusNovaIbiza_Vanessa and Oddy

The journey that Vanessa and Oddy adventured on with their two daughters to eventually call Ibiza home is one of many sacrifices, immense determination and a strong desire.

Living a life on the island that they could only imagine a few years ago, we sat down with them to get the full details behind their story and the lifestyle they’ve adopted since making the big move four years ago.

How and when did you two first meet?

Over 12 years ago on a rooftop overlooking Bondi Beach in Australia. I was still skiing professionally while Vanessa was modelling.

What was your main drive behind settling down in Ibiza?

On a conscience level we wanted to find a place where we could be fully present with our new-born daughter, Luca. We wanted to get out of the city and out of Australia, as we wanted to be back in Europe to be closer to Vanessa’s family in Germany, and initially the plan was to call Ibiza home only for around 12 to 18 months. We got married on the island in 2013 and had previously travelled here whilst feeling a little lost in our relationship and had found each other again, so the energy we felt from this place was undeniable. Once Vanessa got pregnant with Evie and after she was born in our Casita home, we began to call Ibiza home rather than just somewhere we were living for a brief period of time.

What do you love most about living on the island?

The thing we really love is that Ibiza is the perfect environment to create the life that we want to live. We love that we can live in the countryside in an old farmhouse on an island and have all the beauty and benefits of that type of life, and yet still have all the great aspects about a metropolitan life at our disposal. Being able to visit good friends, having an array of great restaurants nearby and accessibility to the rest of the world make this place incredibly special.

If there was one thing to change about Ibiza, what would it be?

I would like to see year-round surfing at my local beaches, but I won’t be holding my breath about that. I really don’t know what I would like to change at this point, as we have isolated ourselves on our hilltop in the northern part of the island and have been living in the bubble we have created for the past four years. As our youngest daughter Evie starts nursery, we are beginning to find some time for ourselves this year to start some projects of our own, so I am sure we will be more exposed to areas that we would like to see some change in. However, I am always careful when it comes to wishing for or working towards change rather than accepting and working with the environment I’m in, because it is so easy to wish for changes without considering the wider repercussions they carry.

Can you share with us how you manage such a hectic and travel-filled schedule with two children?

For Vanessa, working full-time after Evie was old enough to attend nursery meant an intense schedule including constant travel to places such as Australia, South Africa, India and Canada. She is the sole income provider in our household, sacrificing an incredible amount of energy in order to be able to give as much to our family as possible. I draw energy and inspiration to take on my role at home with the girls while Vanessa is travelling, and I know that she draws her energy and willpower to pack a suitcase and leave her family and home for work when she knows that everyone is healthy, happy and living the best life we can both provide for our children. We are very happy with the balance and environment in which we live in at the moment and are extremely proud to have created the life we live as a family on our favourite island.

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The low-season is the best kept secret! You can do so much more on the island when it is not as hot and not nearly as busy.

Are there any cool projects that you are currently working on that you would be willing to share with us?

Since the birth of our first daughter we have dedicated our lives to our children entirely. We packed up the lives we had in Australia and sold Vanessa’s apartment in New York in order to move to Ibiza. We also took some time off work, focusing our full attention and energy on our girls. Today, we still live with the same mentality as it is what makes us truly happy, however, reality means that one of has to work. Now that the kids are a little older and in nursery and school, we have begun to open our minds to doing some projects for ourselves.
The first project we are working on is happening because of Vanessa’s Instagram account, which is flooded with messages for tips on Ibiza. We are going to put together an e-book with all of the information we want to share about our life and tips on the island. It will describe all the beaches, restaurants, hotels and other hidden gems we like to visit. Additionally, we hope to create a clothing line which reflects our lifestyle here on the island – simple and organic. The collection would use predominantly neutral tones alongside free-flowing, soft and sustainable materials.

Can you share any Ibiza secrets with us?

The low-season is the best kept secret! You can do so much more on the island when it is not as hot and not nearly as busy. We walk a lot during the spring and autumn months as the walking trails that cover the whole island are incredible and also great for mountain biking. The water is definitely cold but is still a beautiful site to take in when walking and relaxing on one of the many beaches.