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On planet earth for the last two thousand years we have been in the age of Pisces which was represented by hierarchy, control, war, machines, the patriarchy and powerful information being held in the hands of few.

In the last 50 years we have started the transition into the age of Aquarius which has the spirit of revolution and is symbolised by traits such as freedom, information, awareness, energy, community and connection.

Like with any transition there will be those that resist change and cling on to the old ways and the radicals that want to stamp out the old and bring in the new.

In 1978 a congress of Astrology was held in San Antonio where it was decided that the sign of Ibiza is Scorpio, which is fitting since it is an island surrounded by deep blue waters. Scorpion energy is dark and mysterious, esoteric, sensitive, erotic and divine which sums up the beloved island perfectly.

The energy of Ibiza is deeply transformative, and you will often hear stories how Ibiza captures or changes people’s lives. It is almost as if the energy allows people to peel off certain layers of their ego and discover new parts of themselves which they were not aware existed before. A newly discovered inner freedom can be unveiled and experimented with.

The magnetic ley lines running through Ibiza supports transformation and makes it a powerful place for healing technologies like reiki, chakra balancing, yoga, meditation and many more. But the polarity of Scorpion energy is darkness and death so there can be a destructive element which can be felt in the hedonistic party scene.

Ibiza is a fascinating experimental hub, it is like a bed of soil to grow the New Age of Aquarian. People come, perhaps first interested in the party, but something deeper happens, the soul searching and the emotional egoic cleansing.

The age of Aquarian is an intellectual energy, the age of ‘knowing,’ the spread of knowledge will be widespread and there will be a blending of the material and the spiritual. And we see that now in luxury homes with yoga pavilions and meditation sanctuaries. Lunches at Cala Bonita with rose and fresh Marsico’s are accompanied by talk of crypto currency which in itself is a very Aquarian concept – a new economy that is not controlled by the elite.

Arguably, the greater economic capacity you have, the more time and freedom you have to become aware of your life purpose on the material plain and be able to develop lifestyle choices to elevate your consciousness.

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We are in the age of Aquarius and this edition has featured articles on food trends and animal sanctuary’s which reflects this new age consciousness of an increasingly compassionate culture. Healing modalities like yoga and meditation are essential ancient technologies which are of great benefit in during this time as we are over stimulated and exhausted by the technology of our smart phones and jet set life styles.

We will all differ in how we respond to the rapid changes in our imminent future. Now more than ever, the call to action to take space in your life and slow down, whether it is for a five-minute daily meditation or buying a second home in Ibiza where you can recharge. Our lives are saturated with choices, but we need to cultivate and elevated capacity to make good choices.