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We can all agree that Italians truly know their way around food. Risotto, pastas, fresh salads and grilled vegetables are just some of the reasons that make this cuisine one of the world’s greatest.

Nestled in the small village of San Lorenzo lies La Paloma – a family run restaurant creating fresh homemade food in a beautiful atmosphere, surrounded by citrus orchards and blooming flowers. Needless to say, it’s the ambience, fantastic food and lovely family behind this San Lorenzo hotspot which has turned this place into one of the island’s most loved dining destinations.

Prasuna first came to Ibiza from Italy in 2000, bringing her Italian palette and passion for food with her. Stumbling upon a little house located in a tiny village in the heart of the island, she took the leap and opened her own restaurant, La Paloma, in 2004. The main drive behind her divine food preparations? Fresh food using local and organic ingredients and only sourcing the very best to serve to hungry guests. Of course, there are some exceptions – like the award-winning olive oil Prasuna insists on using from the Catalonia region of Italy, because some ingredients truly only taste the best when brought over from home.

The bohemian atmosphere exuded from the intimate and effortless setting of the restaurant creates a magical mood for guests to enjoy their lunch and dinner. The summer months call for cosy candlelit dinners in the beautiful garden, complete with baby blue tables and gypsy lights hanging over the restaurant. It really does feel like sitting in the back garden of your own home, and every guest of La Paloma is seen as part of the family. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the extra treat of live music to create an even more homely atmosphere where all the dining guests and staff feel like one big family – or famiglia as Prasuna would say!

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Food and presentation go hand-in-hand here, and everything from the carefully selected ingredients to the way that the food is plated is executed with love. Choose from an array of healthy but comforting dishes such as risottos, roasted chicken, homemade pastas and juicy grilled meats – the list just goes on. Prepared with only the very best ingredients, and even more importantly, with the strongest passion for food, the La Paloma family has created not just a place to enjoy some delectable food, but they have produced a special experience that has all of the island coming back to this San Lorenzo delicacy. ¡Buen apetito!