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Bonnie Meredith is an interior designer as well as creative director and founder of her own company Bonnie Meredith Interiors.

She fulfilled a long-term plan of moving her home base to the Balearic island, and enlisted Domus Nova London to sell her Notting Hill maisonette in order to facilitate buying an unmodernised gem of a finca, overlooking Xarraca and Portinax in the north.

How did the move to Ibiza come about?

Guy and I had only recently met when we discussed moving to Ibiza. We decided to go for it and rented a house for a year, whilst renting out my west London flat through Domus Nova. Soon after arriving and feeling totally at home on our new island, we fell in love with this ancient finca with sea views and plenty of land. Although it seemed unliveable with a long and complicated restoration, we decided to do a quick update, make it homely and live there while we waited for planning. For me it was a template for a new, more exciting, stylish, witty and eclectic approach to interiors in Ibiza – I sometimes call it maxi-minimalism. Now that the place is so cosy, we never want to move out.

In what way was Domus Nova truly part of your story in moving from London to Ibiza?

Having realised we really needed to sell up the flat in London in order to make the move happen around the time of the White Island Classic sailing regatta last year, we discussed this with the founders of Domus Nova themselves, who practically guaranteed selling the property even though the market conditions were rocky to say the least. They did this quite quickly, so Domus Nova were involved in every part of our transition from London to Ibiza.

Having worked with leading names in the interior design industry for 17 years and even starting your own company, what are your next plans?

It was an amazing experience to work with both Jonathan Reed and Martin Brudnizki on projects ranging from a Jordanian palace to Scott’s and The Ivy Club. In 2010 I set up Bonnie Meredith Interiors, focusing more on high-end residential projects. I now work between Ibiza and an office in London’s Soho and am busy manifesting my dream client on the island. All of my clients have been word of mouth so far, and it is very important to me that there is an instant rapport. Projects are very much a collaboration; the client has their vision and likes as well as dislikes. It’s my responsibility to realise these through a series of educated, holistic and creative choices. Naturally issues will always arise, as this is the very nature of design. However, as the team are forward-thinking and passionate, we come to the right solution seamlessly and with the process unfolding right beneath us. Creating a dream home takes serious dedication. The client must ultimately be thrilled, considering that their island home is where they spend their most quality time with their loved ones. This gives me great pleasure in what I do.

Can you tell us a secret about your work process?

I love to sketch, and I find that this process is golden in terms of helping the client or contractor visualise, whether it’s a space, detail or bespoke furniture piece. It’s surprising how many get away with not doing this!

What inspires you on the island?

Inspiration is all around. Houses range from soulful old fincas or a finca-style, to clean, crisp and modern. I like a little juxtaposition between the architecture and furnishings, where contemporary spaces really come alive with a more rustic and mid-century look and vice versa. La Granja, Los Enamorados and the restaurant & bar at Hotel Montesol, whilst all different, all successfully reflect sides of the island’s natural environment and cultural heritage that inspire me.