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Lausanne by Neil Dusheiko Architects. Copyright Jim Stephenson 2023
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Neil Dusheiko Architects


A London-based studio devoted to designing exceptional houses for people who love architecture.

A powerful sense of narrative underpins the approach of Neil Dusheiko Architects, a studio employing a personal approach to design. Refraining from having a pre-determined method to making architecture, they produce imaginative, pragmatic and cost effective solutions.

Clients are continually at the centre of their process, with ideas developed based on their needs and lifestyle. Their projects are designed to suit each locale and context, ensuring that each work is unique. They believe that all projects should positively impact the people that live in them, as well as the wider community. Prioritising the environment, the studio carefully considers where materials come from and how they will last over time.

A studio that loves the minutiae of daily living, they’ll look at how a handrail will feel in your hands to where light comes in. Drawing inspiration from a belief that great design can nurture the soul, Neil Dusheiko Architects starts with the obvious and ends with the unexpected.

- © Jim Stephenson 2023

Neil Dusheiko Architects enjoys the challenge of thinking holistically about how a project can positively impact your life and your family.