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Moretti Interior Design

Interior Design
Interior Design

Incorporating colour and environmental psychology into their approach, this west London design studio create eye-catching homes that feel good to live in.

Headed by husband and wife team Cinzia and Michele Moretti, their small Hammersmith-based team creates timeless environments with a wealth of wellbeing credentials. Guided by the principles of colour psychology, where different palettes will have certain impacts on our perceptions and behaviours, the team consider the individual personalities of the spaces and people they work with when creating bespoke settings.

Over the years, the team have embraced biophilic interior design – incorporating the natural world into a home’s sound, colour and texture. It’s a practice that boosts our health and productivity, be it in residential, cultural or commercial settings. Whether it’s a lighting scheme based on circadian rhythms, a verdant living wall with a creatively-crafted water feature or bespoke joinery made from woods and marble, Moretti Interior Design prioritise the health of their clients in all of their projects.

Speaking on upcoming trends in interior design, Cinzia Moretti notes how we will continue striving towards pieces that “cultivate zen homes”. “We’ll see darker interiors, plus more copper and natural materials,” she says. “Also, expect more rounded furniture shapes as this gives a sense of comfort.”

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- Chiswick Modern Family Home

Moretti Interior Design prioritise the health of their clients in all of their projects.

- Luxury House in Kensington