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Seeing the true potential of a property is the key to this design studio’s inspiring projects.

Transforming spaces with uplifting tones and textures, Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay (HFL) works with clients to create spaces with cohesive stories. Carefully editing and always on the lookout for inspiration, they are never dismissive of ideas. The studio advises from concept through to completion, on all aspects of the design process. Designing layouts as well as working with architects, selecting finishes, and specifying lighting.

Known for their discerning eye when it comes to sourcing new, vintage and antique furniture, the studio designs and commissions many bespoke pieces. They always collaborate with trusted craftsmen, overseeing the entire process. Known for referencing from the past and adding modern twists, projects can never be dated to a specific time.


“I want a client's house to relate back to who they are, to be recognizable as their own, and pull this together in such a way that it shows the very best of their collections in a fresh and beautiful home.”

-Henri Fitzwilliam-Lay