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Luxury interior designed living room of a two-bedroom duplex apartment for sale
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Gunter & Co

Interior Design
Interior Design

A design studio with a passion for interior design that honours history, location and architecture, paired with a playful use of organic forms and materials.

After working at a host of London’s top interior design studios, Irene Gunter founded Gunter & Co in 2014. Joined by Ian Hazard and Tabitha Pethick-Money, they have grown Gunter & Co into a leading design studio, providing a fully immersive approach in all aspects of interior architecture and furnishings.

With an eye for a more playful and understated style, Gunter & Co make luxury design feel personal. Packed with energy, designs are characterised by a Belgian approach to detail, effortlessness and longevity. With projects from central London to the French Riviera, Dubai and LA, their work ranges from commercial designs, such as Barristers’ Chambers and furniture galleries to luxurious private homes such as award-winning Westbourne Gardens. Now, being several years in business, they prioritise putting quality and value at the forefront of projects.

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It’s easy to make something look good for a photograph but our design philosophy is strongly built around how you feel in a space.

The team gets to know clients on a personal level, to understand how they live their life. By doing so, homes become a true reflection of the people who live in it, inspired by travels, passions and inspirations.