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Chairs by Clarisse Grumbach-Palme
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Clarisse Grumbach-Palme

Interior Design
Interior Design

Inspired and influenced by her extensive worldwide travels, interior designer Clarisse Grumbach-Palme’s design style is identified by her eclectic aesthetic and an emphasis on cosmopolitan living.

Viennese-born photographer and set designer Clarisse Grumbach-Palme’s inspiring travels around the Mediterranean, through the Middle East, India and America inform and influence her unique and elegant interior design style. Having spent time working alongside renowned artists and musicians in California and New York, Clarisse relocated to the White Isle, bringing her artistic and innovative spirit to an island well-known for its celebration of creative energy.

Setting up shop in Ibiza, Grumbach-Palme’s aesthetic thoughtfully combines the rustic, bohemian energy of the island with a sleek, contemporary point of view. Rich textures, natural materials and a laid-back feel characterise her designs, firmly grounded in and enhancing the lush Ibicencan environment that serves as her backdrop. Alongside interior design projects, Clarisse has published a number of books with a focus on interior design and the island community in Ibiza, including ‘Living in Style: Ibiza’ and ‘Cool Escapes Ibiza’.

Fireplace by Clarisse Grumbach-Palme

Rich textures, natural materials and a laid-back feel characterise her designs.