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We speak to the founders of Ibermaison, a full service provider of advice, planning and installation of residential, commercial and public spaces.

When did the Ibiza branch of Ibermaison open and what made you choose Ibiza over another destination?

We opened our studio in Ibiza in 2004. It was an easy decision as we felt it was the most international of the Balearics and perfect for our clients who have their second or third residence here.

What sets you apart from other interior designers on the island?

Our philosophy is to supply high-end furniture from top designers and brands. We focus on the original design and designer, steering away from imitators and clichéd copies. You have to respect the design process of a particular piece, respect its integrity and its original intention. We embrace a modern, luxury ethos and like to express this with our clients. Life is better surrounded by beautiful design and art.

Would you say Ibermaison has a particular style of design? Do you focus on certain designers or periods?

Of course, we have our own personality, but so do our clients. They have their own style and you have to respect this. When working on a particular project you need to understand their taste and the direction that they want to go in. When you do this, you create the synergy that is needed to work in tandem, which ultimately results in a project that satisfies their taste and our ethos. It’s a purely collaborative process. A partnership.

We follow the design trends, not just individual designers and pieces, but also the process. An interior designer who believes they know everything about their work will be out of work and out of date. To be a good designer you must learn and explore new materials, trends, processes and create new concepts of design. Otherwise you become obsolete.

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You have collaborated with other design studios on various international projects, most notably with Zaha Hadid Architects on the Puerta América Hotel in Madrid. How do projects like these come about and what does the collaborative process look like?

We have been extremely fortunate to work with some of best architects and designers in the world. We love it and it’s the best test of a design company to be able to adapt and collaborate with others in our profession. The Puerta America hotel in Cadiz, for example, was a project led by acclaimed French architect Jean Nouvel but was also a collaboration with many designers, artists and other architects, including Ron Arad, Norman Foster, Mark Newson, David Chipperfield, Teresa Sapey, John Pawson and Arata Isozaki,. It was not an easy project, with many intricate challenges. Some designs were not compatible with the hotel infrastructure and systems, so we worked incredibly hard to make changes in a way to solve these problems… and we did!

Ibiza has been a melting pot of nationalities since the 60’s. With this it brings an eclectic mix of design ideas. How have you seen the demographic change over the decades, and can you identify the next trend in visitors?

We are living in a digital and social media era. Everything is happening incredibly fast and can look out of date before you know it. The trick is to find pieces and elements that hold their longevity. The high-end client is also very well informed, and they look for competitive prices. We are convinced that a project is not only about furnishing a space – everybody can do this. The real work of a good interior designer is to problem solve in the layout and distribution, with beauty and sense, and to create an atmosphere where design and furniture bring calm and happiness. Otherwise, our work is not done. We believe in a future where the art is the only immortal thing. And to invest in original design is to spend with sense.

When designing a house from scratch, how much consideration is put into creating an ecologically sustainable home? What solutions and systems can you advise on? Have you noticed a change in developers’ considerations to what is a serious and important issue in Ibiza? Who on the island do you think is leading the way?

Ultimately, everything can be done in a sustainable way – using sunlight and taking this as the axis of the project. We value the use of water and materials that do not harm the environment, which we view as the key elements and crucial to follow a sustainable commitment. Part of our philosophy is minimalism and good design selection, so the whole concept of interior and furniture design should be about creating and curating objects for a lifetime – not a season. This is the best way to contribute in order to achieve a sustainable ecological system.