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Boy are we in love – mark our words, this is the next big thing. Going by the name of Kat, Katrina Klerks is a Dutch native and Ibiza local as well as an up-and-coming artist in the world of expressionist and poetic styles of painting.

Having recently taken her passion for the practice to turn it into a rapidly growing business, Kat’s work is distinguishable by her contemporary take on geometric and abstract painting, which gives off a Picasso-like vibe using predominantly neutral tones across her various collections.  

Raised by a surrealist and creative father, Kat uses an abstract framework to create different artistic techniques, all while encompassing a similar style which makes her recognisable as an artist. Kat herself asserts that her interest in expressionism and fauvism, and moreover, the difficulty in finding such pieces of art for her own home, sparked the interest to start painting art that was seeking a balance in imperfection – both in colour and form.

Her work has proven to be a success, having her collections displayed in various well-established hotels and restaurants across Amsterdam including, but not limited to, The Hoxton Hotel, Libertine Café Café and the Morgan and Mees Hotel.

This artist’s contemporary takes on abstract art is a growing favourite back in the Netherlands, as well as on the island of Ibiza, where Kat fits in perfectly amongst the other artists, interior designers and creative enthusiasts calling the island home. Her lifelong passion for art, and specifically for expressionist and abstract forms of the practice, are evident in her beautifully crafted work and which will undoubtedly turn the talented artist into a household name amongst Ibiza’s residents.