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FurnitureArtists + Artisans

Timeless and minimalist, this Swedish-born speaker company artfully combines electronics and interior design.

Award-winning Stockholm-based audio brand, Transparent are setting the tone, quite literally, for how brands and designers need to adapt to not only meet this change, but lead it. Born out of a design issue that has always overshadowed speaker companies, Founders Martin Willers and Per Brickstad set out to create a speaker that would end the aesthetic struggle between electronics and interior design. 

With a clear mission to become the first circular tech brand, they are giving a new meaning to ‘transparency’, which starts with their speakers and goes all the way through to their values and ethos. With a sustainable design ethos as important to Martin and Per as solving the aesthetic battle, their innovation in the audio industry doesn’t end here. In a bid to combat our throwaway culture, they designed speakers that get better with age, rather than becoming obsolete. Through their use of modular electronics, all their speakers can be easily upgraded as technology evolves or an owner’s preference changes, which vastly minimises on electronic waste.

Black Range Transparent Speakers

Speakers that end the aesthetic struggle between electronics and interior design. 

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