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Lightbulb by Tala
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Artists + Artisans
Artists + Artisans

Founded on principles of cutting-edge design and technology, Tala specialises in stylish and sustainable lighting.

Founded by trio Max Wood, William Symington and Joshua Ward, Tala is making waves in the artisanal lighting market by combining exquisite design with an eco-conscious functionality. They illuminate residential, professional and commercial spaces, and in 2017, presented the largest sculptural bulb at the London Design Festival. For Tala, the bulb is the protagonist; their bulbs are works of art, bringing an ambient aesthetic to any room. Visit their east London studio and light laboratory, or head to their online website to browse the collection.

They also launched a reforestation programme when they set up their business in 2015, first collaborating with the Heart of England Forest group, and now working with the National Forest Foundation in the United States. Their philanthropic intentions are at the core of the company ethos, striving for international impact and progress.

Pendant lighting by Tala

We believe that in order to create a better tomorrow, we must start working today with the greenest possible energy.

Living room by Tala