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Crown Hill Road by Manea Kella
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Manea Kella

ArchitectureInterior Design
ArchitectureInterior Design

Sitting at the intersection between art, research and human experience, this young practice works internationally to deliver spaces that surprise and engage at every turn.

Founded in 2017 by Elena Kella and Adrian Manea, Manea Kella‘s approach is underpinned by the desire to enhance built environments are experienced and a dedication to architecture as a force for social change. This award-winning practice takes on residential, hospitality and service projects in the likes of the UK and Europe, leaving behind beautifully clean spaces that engages and shapes the people that live in them. The scale of the project may vary but the attention to detail is always meticulous.

The practice credits art as the driving influence behind the character of its designs but the architects’ vision takes cues from the local context and heritage, too. The finished buildings are rigorous as they are thoughtful. Projects of note include refurbishment of an Edwardian House, where a glass side-return and an inside-out feel transformed the ground floor of the extension as well as a barn conversion in Nottinghamshire.

Staircase by Manea Kella

The finished buildings are rigorous as they are thoughtful.

Colston Bassett by Manea Kella
- Colston Bassett