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Bathroom by Magri Williams
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Magri Williams


A young and dynamic architecture studio that strips design back to its fundamentals to find a balance between richness and restraint.

Magri William’s is a design studio defined by an intrinsic quality; simple, clean aesthetics that are a conduit for complex and impactful ideas. Considered residential architecture, commercial interiors and furniture design don’t just look good but feel good, too. Restrained minimalism is made warm and welcoming. Meticulously composed environments – spaces where natural materials, intuitive functionality, sustainability and soft light are the central pillars –  are consistent and beautiful. Their collaborative approach involves working closely with high-quality suppliers and craftspeople as well as ongoing discussions with their clients.

Building on existing infrastructures and ideas, they cherish continuity of context to respect and preserve historical architecture. Projects include a rear extension, loft conversion and house renovation in Haringey and a refurbishment and extension of a property in the De Beauvoir conservation area. Roselyn Road – all stock-style brick, ash-white concrete, light clay walls and birch plywood – was shortlisted for the 2019 Don’t Move, Improve! award. Magri William’s offers tailored architectural services from RIBA stages 01 – 06. 

Crittall Doors by Magri Williams
- De Beauvoir Road

Considered residential architecture, commercial interi and furniture design don’t just look good but feel good, too.

Garden of Roslyn Road by Magri Williams
- Roslyn Road