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Mirror with an undulating neon frame by LA Studio, modern interior design and furniture in Ibiza
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Ibiza, Madrid

LA Studio

Interior DesignFurniture
Interior DesignFurniture

The adventurous touch of this interior design firm is evidenced with bright colours and bold pieces, blurring the boundaries between art and furniture.

Founded in 2001 by Carlos López, LA Studio takes interior design down a playful pathway. With an aim to create a narrative between art and furniture, clients can expect bold tones, sculptural forms and an eclectic spirit. Having branched out from their flagship studio in Madrid, LA Studio have brought their vibrant design ethos to the White Isle.

Inspired by the furniture he saw in mid-century Hollywood films, López notes it was clear he would specialise in 20th century design. Yet over the years, the studio has incorporated a contemporary edge to their projects. With a mix-and-match approach, heritage pieces are often updated with contemporary fabrics, and the work of modern artisans are placed in a narrative with their mid-century ancestors. Each space feels wholly balanced; whilst furniture may be bold and artwork graphic, not one piece dominates the scheme.

A design exhibition with popping colours and retro furnishings by LA Studio, modern interior design and furniture in Ibiza

With a philosophy to blur the lines between furniture and art, clients can expect bold colours, sculptural forms and an eclectic spirit.