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Hallway by Kelly Hoppen
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Kelly Hoppen

Interior Design
Interior Design

Artfully arranged. Utterly sophisticated. Plenty of neutrals. The trademark signs of this industry-shaping interior design practice.

Taking on her first commission when she was sixteen, Kelly Hoppen CBE has been transforming interiors for over 40 years and has collected an impressive string of accolades on her way. Expect objects in multiples, East-meets-West references and soothing and endlessly versatile neutrals – the perfect backdrop for statement furnishings. There’s a timelessness to her style that many still try to emulate, a quality shared across her residential, commercial and hospitality portfolio that includes projects from around the world, from Europe to the Middle East to East Asia.

Her projects – like her product line – are often minimalistic and serene where clean-lines are the order of the day. Her modern aesthetic manifests across her portfolio. Scroll through her London projects and you’ll find contrasting runners, a natural palette and look-at-me pieces that make a dramatic statement. In one, double-height spaces look even grander framed with Italian stones and oak floors.  In another, bold chandeliers take centre stage.

Living room by Kelly Hoppen

Her modern aesthetic manifests across her portfolio.

Sofa and stairs by Kelly Hoppen