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Rustic Ibiza Villa by luxury interior design studio CONTAIN
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FurnitureArtists + Artisans
FurnitureArtists + Artisans

Believing in the value of local materials, craftmanship and simplicity of form, CONTAIN envisions an open dialogue between artisan and designer to create exceptional, hand-crafted pieces.

Founded back in 2016 by by Mauricio Obarrio and Juan Peralta, CONTAIN is a lighting and furniture project committed to slow design and exquisite vision. Their dedicated team of local artisans manufacture innovative pieces that effortlessly marry simplicity and sophistication, with cutting-edge technology running through every object.  

With a self-proclaimed obsession for brass, glass and hardwoods, they honour natural materials in their artistry. Expect brass pendant lighting, modular chandeliers or blown-glass structures. Working with the environment in mind, the studio uses 3D printing technology and recycled plastics in combination with local craftmanship. Customisation is at the heart of the practice, from the colour to the final finishes; their hand-made process ensures each piece has individual character and detail. Find their products worldwide in restaurants, hotels and homes alike – notably the Chic and Basic hotel in Porto, the Katty Chiebeck studio and the Hotel Riu in Madrid.

Modern dining table by luxury interior design studio CONTAIN
Hexagonal lights by CONTAIN