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Caroline Cobbold Design Dining Room
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Caroline Cobbold Design

Interior Design
Interior Design

Pared-back and sophisticated, Caroline Cobbold creates picture-perfect interiors with a wealth of character.

With a career that started in the film industry, Caroline Cobbold developed a multitude of skills in set decoration and production design. Amassing a broad understanding of aesthetic genres, she translated her experience to the world of interiors and founded her eponymous studio in 2014.

Caroline’s style is eclectic yet elegant; refined and still with a playful edge. Taking the time to understand her clients’ vision, Caroline’s projects bear witness to her extensive knowledge of genre and discerning eye for detail. By layering different elements, she creates spaces that are contemporary in design but with a thoroughly welcoming, lived-in personality. Each home has a distinct narrative executed through unique colour, textures and materials– a testament to her experience creating dynamic environments for the screen.

Sustainability is at the core of Caroline’s practice. Striving to move away from the modern-day ‘throw-away culture’ she focuses on the quality and longevity of chosen pieces. Indeed, local and ethical manufacturing are assets that she actively seeks when sourcing products and furniture.

Caroline Cobbold Design Reception Room
- Covent Garden, London

Caroline’s style is eclectic yet sophisticated; marrying her extensive knowledge of genre with a discerning eye for detail.