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Bethan Gray furniture design in London - contemporary tables and chairs
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Bethan Gray Design

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Interior DesignFurniture

Inspired by travel and global cultures, this award-winning British design studio creates inspiring pieces that have timeless appeal.

London-based Bethan Gray is one of the country’s most venerated furniture and homeware designers. Since 2008, Bethan Grey Design has garnered a host of award and established itself with global retailers such as Harrods, Liberty, Lane Crawford and EJ Victor.

Bethan Gray has an extraordinary background: having been born to a Scottish father and Welsh mother, her maternal family descends from a nomadic Rajasthani clan that migrated across Arabia and Persia over centuries. Inspired by her rich heritage, and fuelled by a passionate curiosity about global art and culture, Bethan has travelled to India, Asia, the Middle East, Northern Africa and South America. Her pieces are made with finite attention to detail, finished with captivating effect. Present in all of her work is a focus on natural materials, all bound by a bold and versatile colour palette.

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The company celebrates travel, heritage and international culture in every piece and collection produced.

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