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Andrew Martin’s latest adventurous wallpaper The Scholar Collection

11th Nov 2020

Domus Nova Blog Image

Whilst we are sequestered indoors, we’re constantly looking for new forms of escapism. Enter Andrew Martin’s latest wallpaper collection ‘Scholar’. Inspired by travel and adventure, two freedoms that have been greatly lacking this year, the collection transports you through the pages of your favourite classic novel or across new, undiscovered lands. Comprising of seven impactful designs, including a playful Wizard of Oz 1920s board game illustration and the first chapter of classics by Charles Dickens, Jane Austen and F. Scott Fitzgerald, each wallpaper will make a dramatic statement in any room. We delved deeper into the eclectic collection with Design Director, David Harris, exploring inspiration, adventure and nostalgia.

Scholar is such a fun, nostalgic collection, what did you enjoy the most about working on it?

The diversity of content in this collection means each paper has a very separate challenge in order to make it work. It’s always very satisfying to see the designs develop from the original document stage to the finished article. A combination between visual ideas and fantastic technology are combined to bring them fully to life.

How did you choose which books & novelists that you selected the wallpaper from?

You have to be mindful not to repeat the ideas and concepts too much, so to keep it to a few was not a problem, the content, however, is more of a challenge. Books have to grab you from the very first line, so it was critical that we chose books most people have heard of and have a killer of an opening line to hook you in!

Where did you get your inspiration from?

Travel, adventure, exploration and history is at the heart of everything Andrew Martin produces. There is a building on the edge of Lake Como, and on its huge side elevation, there is a hand-painted map of the mountains, towns and locations all around the lakes. It lists the distances between them and the altitudes of all the peaks. It’s awesome and inspiring.

How does the creative process work at Andrew Martin?

We work as a small team and we all contribute ideas. The critical thing is how to bring those ideas to life, so we need a multitude of skills. We work with fantastic printers and technicians as well as our internal team to create all the visual content and logistics to deliver these wonderful products to our customers.

Can you describe Scholar in three words?

Historical, futuristic, fun.

If you had to pick a favourite wallpaper from the collection, which would it be and what room would you decorate with it?

I love the Neon wallpaper and if I had a home cinema room that’s where I’d put it!

You have also launched a new paint collection, whose colours perfectly compliment Scholar?

So many of our colours work well with Scholar. Canopy works brilliantly with Constantinople and Egyptian Indigo with Neon.

Apart from the wonderful array of colours, what makes your paint special?

Our paint strikes the perfect balance between eco and sustainability, whilst being practical and tough. Quick-drying, zero odour and wipeable are some of the benefits, not forgetting our custom colour service where we can essentially make any colour you like at no extra charge. It's pure paint personalisation!

Any exciting upcoming projects our readers should look out for?

We have a new collection of very heavy kilim fabrics inspired by our Andean weave cushions that will be launching, a truly original product which no one else has, and a new tie up with Sophie Paterson of fabrics and cushions.

View the entire collection here.