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Cassina l Television Centre

7th Feb 2020

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Situated in one of west London’s most iconic frameworks lies this dramatic and distinctive three-bedroom apartment, occupying over 2,000 square feet of living space and styled impeccably by luxury interior design and furniture brand Cassina. It’s clear from the onset that the space evokes opulence within each pocket -  from the contemporary and bespoke furnishings, luxurious fittings and clever additions, this home triumphs in every possible way. Cassina, a luxury Italian interiors brand specialising in upscale furniture pieces, dressed the apartment flawlessly to evoke a highly indulgent yet reserved ambience. The neutral colour scheme punctuated throughout enhances the elaborate and unique furnishing pieces that were carefully selected to present a narrative in each space. Speaking with Cassina Chief Executive Officer Luca Fuso, who played a crucial role throughout Cassina’s commission to dress the apartment, he dished all there was to know about the design process, story behind the home and what to expect from Cassina in 2020.  

Luca, what interiors aesthetic did Cassina plan to evoke in Cassina’s design of the apartment in the prestigious Television Centre?

The design aesthetic considered for our first fully furnished penthouse in London at the prestigious TVC best represents 'The Cassina Perspective.' This concept unites the collection's most innovative designs with iconic classics, unique to Cassina, to create complete and, above all, warm and welcoming atmospheres. The Cassina aesthetic is propelled by avant-gardism, authenticity, design excellence and the combination of technological capability with skilled handcraftsmanship. The project respects the heritage of the buidling while incorporating a sophisticated interior for a London clientele who is particularly interested in design and high-end, quality products.

How did you intend to use colour throughout each space?

The colour palette is light in the living and dining areas where creams, golds and pale blues have been applied and contrasted with dark pieces like, for example, the stained black ash wood Infinito bookshelf by Italian architect Franco Albini. Textures have been layered: natural linens are combined with luxuriouys velvets to create an elegant and warm feeling.

The key piece in the master bedroom is Philippe Starck's Volage bed that features a padded capitonne headboard in a new lavish velvet recently launched. The soothing soft blue tones mirror the living area and are further enhanced with petrolum accessories and side tables.

Lighting plays a vital and dramatic role in each room. Can you elaborate more on your design to install that fantastic central piece in the reception room?

The geometric central lighting fixtures chosen for the living room is by Michael Anastassiades. Its diamond shape which almost touches the central Boboli coffee table by Rodolfo Dordoni complements the furniture around it, adding presence without detracting from the views.

How did natural light play a role in your design process?

The apartment is flanked by East and West-facing floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing plenty of natural light to filter through throughout the day. The soft and neutral colour palette was chosen to give value to this natural light and to create an open and airy view over the West London landscape. 

Did you have a narrative in mind with the interiors?

The design of the interiors was driven by 'The Cassina Perspective', creating a home atmosphere that a potential end-user would fully appreciate. A welcoming oasis away from the pressures of city life where high-quality, contemporary design creates a unique home setting thanks to the combination of new designs and iconic pieces that only Cassina has in its portfolio.

Do you have a favourite piece within the home?

There are various pieces in the home that I love, from the Dress-Up! sofa by Rodolfo Dordoni that we launched together at Milan Design Week last April, which was also my first Salone del Mobile as Cassina's CEO so it has a special meaning for me. The Velerio bookshelf by Franco Albini which is a legendary piece of design that defies the laws of physics is also a favourite. I believe that it best represents Cassina's expert craftsmanship.

Did the legacy of the building influence your approach to the project?

The legacy of the building was fully respected by Cassina. With over 90 years of design history we understand the importance of maintaining authenticity and safeguarding patrimony while evolving to responding to modern times. This concept is particularly evident in the way that Cassina researches and develops the works in the Maestri Collection which is composed of reissed pieces from the great architects of the 20th Century, such as Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, Charlotte Perriand, Charles Rennie Mackintosch and Frank Lloyd Wright, just to name a few. We carry out painstaking research to develop the original project while working with the official foundations and heirs of the authors to produce these icons for contemporary use with the greatest respect.

What does 2020 have in store for Cassina? Any exciting upcoming projects you can share with us?

2020 will be an important year in which we will continue to expand 'The Cassina Perspective.' At the beginning of the year we launched our very first Outdoor Collection: innovative products by Rodolfo Dordoni, Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola to create welcoming outdoor atmospheres completed with accessories, rugs and lighting. These pieces will soon be available at the Cassina London Showroom. We will also launch our 2020 Collection with a variety of new projects at our Cassina Milan Showroom during MIlan Design Week in April.