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Ibiza Interiors | The Nieuw

18th Sep 2019

Domus Nova Blog Image

Nestled in the rolling hills of Ibiza, amongst raw nature and lush greenery, is Jurjen van Hulzen’s Campo Loft. A modern interpretation of a quintessential Ibizan residence, the traditional structure and contemporary design create an undeniably spectacular design-led abode. Having moved from his hometown of Amsterdam to the island a few years ago, the talented architect and interior designer has fully embraced Ibiza’s typical architectural style and added his own modern touch throughout his array of projects. The result? A new vision of traditional yet modern island living that we just had to know more about.

Jurjen, can you please tell us a little bit about Ibiza Interiors and the aesthetic behind it?

I started Ibiza Interiors four years ago when I moved from Amsterdam to Ibiza. After an extremely busy life in Amsterdam, with an architectural studio and furniture shop, we wanted to escape for a few months – and then eventually ended up staying. I don’t think we follow the typical Ibizan interiors aesthetic, rather, we look at renewing the design language whilst still maintaining the island vibe. We try to develop a strong concept for our projects, which is often island related, and for that we refer to farmhouses, beach – and boathouses, as well as more natural elements such as caves. We also occasionally refer to industrial elements when the property has such a feel, such as with The Campo Loft, which used to be a warehouse and workshop. 

What made you decide on opening a studio in Ibiza?

In the beginning I was flying back and forth between Amsterdam and Ibiza depending on my schedule and the projects I was undertaking. However, after a while I started getting more projects on the island and realised, I needed to find a place here. Luckily, I found a great space and an assistant designer within a short period of time and I haven’t looked back since.

How did The Campo Loft originate?

The Campo Loft was a total transformation from an old 100-year-old abandoned warehouse to a dreamy loft. The concept was first born when I first saw the structure and location of the building – concrete columns, steel beams and other various industrial elements that inspired this idea of an industrial open living space. The original structure of the building has been preserved to keep the character of the typical Ibizan architecture intact but considering the poor condition of the unused property, the rest has to be completely renovated. The result is a comfortable and modern space with a natural and basic yet high-end character. I love the contrast between old and new, sleek and rustic which is evident throughout the residence – it creates a unique balance.

In three words, how would you describe The Campo Loft?

Grounded, contrast, balanced.

What is your favourite part of the home?

I love the kitchen. With all the open doors, cooking behind the steel island bar, overlooking the valley, surrounded by beauty and greenery – it’s just incredible.

Any future projects you have planned on the island?

At the moment we have quite a few projects on the island, some that we’re just starting and some which are in the finishing stages. I also hope to focus more on hospitality and retail in the near future – it would be nice to try something new in the coming season!