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Masseria Moroseta & Andrew Trotter

8th May 2019

Domus Nova Blog Image

Holding a background in interior design, Andrew Trotter has an extensive range of experience, working for brands such as Anouska Hempel Designs before adventuring on his own to launch Openhouse Magazine in 2014, which has become an exceptional interior publication - sold in over 600 stores across the world. His first architectural project, a Puglia-based modern country house called Masseria Moroseta caught our eye for its aesthetic, stunning interior and story behind the design. Andrew shared all there was to know about his farmhouse standout.

Within your portfolio of works you have designed a beautiful hotel overlooking the Italian town of Otsuni, run the aesthetically pleasing Openhouse magazine and designed interiors for a number of stunning homes – where do you find the time and what drives you?

Actually, this is all new to me. Openhouse started five years ago and Masseria Moroseta was finished two and a half years ago and was my first ever project. In the last year things have really grown and I’m putting all my heart and soul into all my projects, and I’m very excited about what’s to come. When I was 16 all I wanted to do was design houses, and now, thirty years later I’m doing what I dreamed about and I’m so happy.

What core architectural principles don’t you stray from when undertaking a new project?

I believe in simplicity first and foremost. Then, I believe that a building should always belong to the place they are built in. I like to be honest with the materials I use, and I don’t like to use too many details. 

We are in awe of Masseria Moroseta, how long did it take to construct this modern-day farmhouse?

All in all it took about two years to build. We used traditional methods of building as well as local materials, and you know that in the south of Europe everything goes at a slow pace.

Tell us about your favourite projects?

I’m very excited about all my projects at the moment. I find it just as exciting to design a small house as I do designing a hotel or larger building. The nice thing is that I’m meeting some amazing people in the process. 

It is evident that a lot of care and attention to detail has gone into the projects you manage; there seems to be a story told when looking through your portfolio. Would you say that adopting a particular look and aesthetic plays a big role for your brand?

Actually, the buildings that are built are all in Puglia, and I believe that in that region, a certain style is needed. I’m now working on projects in different places and they will have different feelings. There will be ties to all of them, but I believe strongly that a building must belong to the place that it is in. Simplicity and honest materials will always have key roles in my projects.

Instagram: @masseriamoroseta 

Instagram: @andrewopenhouse

Instagram: @giorgiaeugeniagoggi