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2019 Design Museum

4th Feb 2019

Domus Nova Blog Image

We’ve loved the new Design Museum from the instant we set foot inside its gigantic, swooping atrium. Since its 2016 reopening, the museum has debuted a gamut of clever and engaging exhibitions, each one bringing us ever closer to understanding the essence of design. As faithful fans, we’ve revelled in it all. Always exciting, the exhibition programme for 2019 promises some particularly sensational stuff that is NOT to be missed.

2 February 2019 – 5 May 2019

Since we interviewed David Adjaye in 2015, the celebrated architect behind Adjaye Associates has been incredibly busy. For a start, he’s been knighted! Cause for much excitement, Sir David Adjaye OBE will soon be the subject of Design Museum’s first 2019 showcase. It reveals Adjaye’s thoughts on architecture and form as storytelling devices, exploring the role of monuments in his work,
both as a design process and a way of creating memory. There will also be a close look at awardwinning projects like the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C. and the National Cathedral of Ghana. These monuments and memorials show how Adjaye uses architecture to reflect on history and memory, and to record human lives. A unique opportunity to understand how he brings such unparalleled empathy to his designs.

26 April 2019 – 17 September 2019

Gather round, faithful Kubrick Droogs – this spring, Design Museum is staging a major exhibition where, for the first time in the UK, the public can see treasures from Stanley Kubrick’s archive and experience new insights into his world of film. One of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century, Kubrick was highly inventive in his introduction of revolutionary devices to his filmmaking – of note, a camera lens designed for him by NASA(!) to shoot by candlelight. His fascination with all aspects of design and architecture influenced every stage of his films, many of which have in turn generated iconic references throughout pop culture design. It was in Britain that Kubrick created iconic set pieces like the orbiting space station for 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Dr. Strangelove’s war room... So it makes perfect sense that his life’s work should be celebrated where so much of it began.

16 October 2019 – 1 March 2020

We’ve been to the moon, taught cars to drive, and invented the Snapchat filter. The next step? Mars... duh! Since we discovered the potential of human settlement on Mars, getting there has become one of the great challenges of our time. The red planet holds the promise of life after Earth, which makes it a new frontier not just for science but also for design. From the spaceships to the habitats that people will live in, the food, the tools and even the make-up of a new society, every detail in this collective endeavour must be designed. This fascinating exhibition will explore three phases of life on Mars – Arrive, Survive and Thrive. Alongside actual hardware and equipment, an immersive experience will give visitors a sense of the surface of Mars, and a taste of the extra-terrestrial thrills we all secretly dream about.

The Design Museum: