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An interview with Lotta Cole

22nd Jun 2018

Domus Nova Blog Image

Growing up in a secluded corner of Sweden and sculpting with wood since childhood, design, it seems, was always destined to be a big part of Lotta Cole’s life.  This early passion for design and striking aesthetics  set her on the path for the impactful interiors she now curates. Described as holistic, functional and beautiful, Lotta’s creations are inspired by her surroundings – it is what she has always been drawn towards. Before permanently moving to California, her most recent interior work can be seen at her fabulous North Kensington townhouse in St Helen’s Gardensnow for sale through Domus Nova.

Talking to Lotta, it is clear that she is passionate about her work: “I love this house and I put all my soul into designing it. Many of the details throughout the house are handmade and designed bespoke.” Always impassioned about her work, she kindly answered a few more questions about this quirky project.

What would you say your main inspiration was for the design of St Helen's?

I wanted to achieve a place of light and space, with lots of colour, eclectic detailing and elements of surprise. I was inspired by traveling; LA living, Stockholm serenity and Moroccan warmth. They’ve all found their ways into this house.

Each room seems to tell a different story, would you agree?

Each room has a different feel and is designed with consideration to the activities that are likely to happen in that space, but there are consistent elements that flow through the rooms, in colour, textures, materials and patterns.

Which part of the house would say is your favourite?

My favourite is the roll top bath placed in the centre of the master bathroom; it is a magical place to relax.

Are you familiar with Wes Anderson films?

Yes I love Wes Anderson, how did you guess?!

There are certain elements of your home that remind us of a Wes Anderson film?

That is an interesting analysis, never thought of that, but yes I think that is not a bad description. I take it as a compliment.

Tell us about the colour palette.

Most of the house has a backdrop of calm white and some grey, with accents of very bright pops of colour, such as neon yellow, green and pink. These accents make the space come alive and make it a house of playful fun. I don’t like my designs to be too serious. The decorators asked my husband if I was on acid!

When you lived in London, did you have a favourite spot to relax and eat?

I liked cycling down to the Golborne Deli on Golborne Road. It’s not about the design, but sitting outside the Golborne Deli lets you take in the feel of the area, which I love.

What do you love most about living outside of London?

We are now living by the sea in Northern California. I wake up looking at the Pacific Ocean and make colourful crazy pottery in the day.

Lotta Cole:

Twitter: @lottacole