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Glen Lewis-Steele

25th Apr 2016

Domus Nova Blog Image

For New Zealand born, Melbourne based furniture and lighting designer Glen Lewis-Steele, all his designs must conform to and be moulded by a simple idea that “one glance is not enough”. His recent collection, with each piece named after a member of his family, is set to do just this. Comprising of two striking floor lamps, a set of sculptural stools and a curious pendant light, this range is sure to cause a double take or two.

Lee Light
This hanging cube light seemingly reacts as you move around in its presence. One can’t help but to wave their head side to side as they walk towards the glowing light, drawing them in to unveil its secrets.

Coral Lamp
Angled forward from its powerful base, the Coral Lamp is designed to invoke a sense of wonderment when a solid tube of light is drawn vertically from the tip of a diagonal shaft. The users desired level of lighting can be achieved by raising and lowering the light tube with the hanging cord.

Rex Stools
Conceived within the creator’s fundamental objective to arouse curiosity, the Rex stools intersect basic wooden stools with cubed frames to achieve intriguing and effective sculptural outcomes.

Valerie Lamp
Designed to elicit fascination, the Valerie Lamp’s visual disregard for gravity creates a counterpointing background to the unique gravity-driven, dripping wax arrangement. As a candle melts, its wax glows off the candles copper cradle and down through the rising light, where it is caught and accumulates over a low temperature LED bulb. The softly glowing drips are reminiscent of a serene water feature, while the provocative stance of the design rivals a piece of sculpture.

Intrigued about the man behind these thought-provoking creations, we were lucky enough to have Lewis-Steele answer a couple of questions for us:

What was your route into industrial design?
My mother is a creative at heart and from a young age encouraged and propelled me into artistic endeavours. My father, a skilled craftsman, taught me to work with my hands, tinkering away in his workshop. When I learnt about industrial design as a vocation, it was an easy choice. I graduated from Massey University’s School of Design in 2010.

Apart from your parents, where do you look for inspiration?
Websites with user generated content are my biggest source of inspiration. The masses separate the wheat from the chaff and bring to my computer screen more amazing and interesting things in one Sunday morning than people 100 years ago saw in a lifetime. I have a long list of bookmarked links to incredible things that I can’t wait to implement into my designs.

Who are your design heroes?
Marcel Wanders' Knotted Chair heavily inspired my approach to design; he piques interest by creating confusion. Also New Zealand designer Tim Webber, with his clever and elegant work.

What excites you most about the world of design at the moment?

Getting the chance to be a part of it! It seemed to have been a pretty elusive dream since 2010, but now I'm discussing my designs with you, Domus Nova in London. That's pretty exciting to me!

Glen Lewis-Steele;

Instagram: @glenlewissteele_design