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João Pedro Vasconcelos - Wrong Weather

20th Apr 2015

Domus Nova Blog Image

Wrong Weather is the perfect fusion of fashion, art and design for the contemporary man. Founded by João Pedro Vasconcelos, his goal was to create a unique experience for his customers, with designers including J.W.Anderson, Christopher Kane, Kenzo and Rick Owens.


João, h
ow did you get into fashion?

I started my career as a graphic designer with my first client being ModaLisboa at the time of their appearance at Lisbon Fashion Week. From there I really got into the fashion industry with various clients from Lisbon and Porto.

Which fashion designer are you watching at the moment?
There are so many amazing menswear brands out there at the moment, it's hard to decide. It’s feeling very exciting, as if a true time for innovation.

What’s your favourite Portuguese brand?
Right now, it's VAVA. They make techno and futuristic eyewear. 

What’s been your career highlight?
I don’t really think of them as highlights. Each and every one of my projects has been incredibly important to me, whether it’s been in fashion, art or design. They have all made me grow as a person.

Wrong Weather has a gallery space too – what do you love about art?
Everyone at Wrong Weather loves art. It makes us happy and the world a better place.

Who is your favourite Portuguese artist?
From two different generations, it's Julião Sarmento and João Pedro Vale.

Where’s home for you in Porto?
The seaside. I love Porto for having the river and the sea, with have the best views, great sea terraces, bars and restaurants.

Which architect did you employ for the Wrong Weather space?
It was incredibly important to me that we worked with the latest, freshest names in architecture and design. We initially collaborated with Nuno Paiva from Lisbon, and later developed the store with Italy’s Francesco Moncada, that is working now at OMA and designs for Prada shows and store interiors. Wrong Weather is always evolving and so we’re working on a refresh right now too.

What do you love about Porto?
Its strong character with a soft side too. Porto is a city that embraces creativity with hard work. It’s full of so many galleries and museums, textile and fashion outlets, amazing buildings and iconic architecture. Wherever you go there is originality, whether it’s something very established or underground in feel.

What’s the best thing about summer in Porto?
The sun, the beach, the festivals and just simply the summer nights.

How will you spend the summer? 

As fashion never stops, I probably won't get much of a break. I will instead spend it at home which I don't mind at home. I live by the sea and so I prefer to stay home where I can go to the beach and still work. It’s perfect.

How do you relax?
Having fun with friends and doing my yoga and meditation practice. I can’t live without any of them. 

What other European city could you live in?
It would have to be London. I lived there for four years and loved it. I did miss the sea though.

How do you spend your weekends in Porto?
Saturdays I practice, go to the local market, work, meet friends, see some art, dance or go to a music event - it's always relaxed but busy. Sunday on the other hand is basically a cleansing day for me, with a lot of silence.

What’s your hobby?
Nutrition. I’m very strict with my diet.

What’s your secret spot in Porto?
There are many but I especially love Palacio de Cristal and its gardens. It’s a beautiful dome building in the middle of a park in the city centre. One of my favourite things to do is to just walk around it, soaking up some art and its amazing views.

What's your favourite eating spot in Porto? 
Cafeina in Foz and has been so for a long time. The food the wine never deludes. It’s very Porto

What’s your favourite word in the Portuguese language?
This might sound cliché for any Portuguese but it has to be ‘Saudade’. It’s a melancholic word that means ‘just like we are’; missing someone with nostalgia.

Where do you go to feel inspired?
There are great places that I go and get a lot of energy from but at the top of my list is definitely Tokyo and India. Failing that, the best thing is quite often silence whereby you don’t need to go anywhere but just be with yourself.


Wrong Weather Av. da Boavista 754, 4100-111 Porto, Portugal;