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Zoe Adjonyoh - Zoe's Ghana Kitchen

5th Sep 2014

Domus Nova Blog Image

Not just a ‘pop-up’ restaurant but a food event that merges a contemporary dining experience with home-spun, home-cooked African food. Always fun, always relaxed and always tasty. Discover Zoe Adjonyoh’s Ghana Kitchen…

Zoe, what inspired you to start a career in food?
Zoe's Ghana Kitchen started as a one-off fun supper club project as part of Hackney Wicked Arts Festival. To be honest, I didn't set out to start a career in food; the project grew organically by word-of-mouth and as it did, I realised the opportunity and ran with it. I'm still running with it!

What were you doing before Ghana Kitchen?
Variously I've been a freelance journalist, music promoter and band manager.

What is your food inspired by?
My food is inspired by the vibrancy of the ingredients and culture from Ghana and a desire to expose those to new audiences. African food is so tasty, people need to know more about it.

What’s a signature dish from Ghana Kitchen?
Nkatenkwan – groundnut or peanut butter stew – is a childhood favourite and very popular on my menu. I slow cook a lamb shoulder for about three hours and then add a piquant-spiced tomato sauce and peanut butter. It's crazy good and smells amazing.

What makes Ghanaian food so special?
It's full of flavour yet uncomplicated, using simple fresh ingredients to create healthy, wholesome food, which is contrary to what most people think. Much of our menu is both vegan and vegetarian-friendly and also gluten and dairy-free.

Your work often takes you to Berlin. What’s there?
I've been running pop-up events regularly in Berlin for the past two years ever since my first visit. I fell in love with the city's openness and creativity. It's now my second home.

The food pop-up scene went through the roof a few years ago. Where do you think it is now?
It's still growing at an incredible rate. I think we're starting to see a merging of the street food and pop-up scene where pop-up food become outdoor installations at street-food institutions and venues.

What’s your career highlight so far?
A trip to Russia where I was invited as an artist to participate in a group show. I ran a supper club in a public park in Yekaterinburg as part of a performance based around food.

What do you think of the London food scene?
I love the variety and quality of food ventures in London. It’s bursting with great pop-up and street-food concepts, supper clubs and restaurants. There’s so much talent and creativity.

With your world revolving around food, what do you like to drink?
I'm a red wine person for dinner and after a long day, a pint of Guinness in the pub.

Zoe’s next event is on Friday 19 September at her Hackney warehouse flat. Head to her website for tickets;