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Staircase design by Rabih Hage at St Quintin Avenue - a luxury house in North Kensington W10

Preparing to list your home

Listing your home for sale or rent can be a seamless experience with the right help. From getting photo shoot-ready to welcoming would-be buyers, discover how to maximise the potential of your space.

With the right guidance, selling or letting your home can be stress-free. We’re on hand to steer you through the process – paperwork, certificates, photography and all. We’ll help you navigate viewings and everything you need to have in place before you can receive an offer.

Considering listing your house or apartment? Let’s talk.

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Photography that showcases your home

As the first thing people will notice, photos are a pivotal part of your listing. So it’s vital that your home is captured at its best. We work with a curated selection of expert photographers who will elevate the design details that make your home stand out and help capture the attention of discerning buyers and tenants.

Our team will collaborate with you to ensure each space is represented effectively. Timing is key: wherever possible, we shoot using only natural light so we’ll consider when key rooms are in direct sun. The weather, season and orientation of your home can all have an impact too, so we’ll offer our suggestions as to how you can make a lasting impression. Flexibility is key here and may well lead to a superior set of photos – and increased interest in the listing.

We highly recommend getting your home professionally cleaned ahead of time – prior to the valuation. It’s also worth moving bulky objects, such as gym equipment. Consider if there are any personal items, like photographs, that you wouldn’t want in the listing.

A few adjustments here and there can make the difference between a great shoot and an exceptional one. Ensure all windows and reflective surfaces are smear-free. Tidy away wires and clutter, such as kids’ toys. Move cars and bins away from the property and make sure any outside spaces are well presented. Style soft furnishings including curtains. If you want to go the extra mile, you could buy new bedding so that your duvets appear crease-free and camera-ready.

Getting your initial tasks ticked off

Before your home can be listed, it will need an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate). Any significant changes in the energy efficiency of the property mean a new EPC is required. For lettings, your home will need a rating of E or above. However, there are certain exemptions to this requirement so do ask if you have any questions. If your home was built within the last 10 years, it should already have an EPC. Don’t have one? Our team will arrange for an inspection.

Arguably as important as the photography, floorplans present a visual overview of your home. We’ll oversee this process and include indicative furniture placements as standard. If you’re letting your home, we can match the actual placement of furniture on the floorplan.

Landlords of accommodation in England are required to verify that the property’s electrics are safe. A common route is obtaining an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report). This process – including an inspection by an electrician – must be carried out at least every five years. Our experienced team can work with you to ensure that everything is covered and your home is ready to list.

Lastly, please provide us with as much information on the design spec as possible. The type of marble used in the bathroom? Let us know. We care about the details.


For Sale: Westbourne Grove Notting Hill W2 - a family house with a luxury living room featuring skylights and an indoor garden

The viewings process

Inviting potential buyers or tenants into your home is an exciting stage. It’s at this point that you will build a stronger relationship with one of our experienced negotiators, who will walk you through the process. Be honest about your preferences. Would you like to schedule viewings over WhatsApp? Should guests take off their shoes? Just let us know.

The importance of a physical viewing should not be underestimated. The same rules from the photo shoot apply here. However, put yourself in the shoes of the would-be buyer or tenant. You wouldn’t want to feel like you were intruding or stepping on someone’s toes. Therefore, people often prefer the homeowner not to be present at a first viewing. This also helps them imagine themselves in that house.

How you currently live in the space and the way you have made it work with furniture and design is often what will compel people to want to live there too. Empty, unfurnished spaces are often the hardest to sell.

If you are selling your home, being present on a second viewing – dependent on the buyer – is often critical for ticking the final boxes prior to an offer being placed. Your relationship with the buyer is important. You will always be best placed to answer practical questions about how you live in your home. But you don’t need to worry about giving a tour or selling the benefits of the property. We understand the value of good design, so this is where our expertise really comes into play.

Barlby Road Powell Tuck Reception Room - luxury property for sale in North Kensington, W10

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Required paperwork to let your home

Certain essential paperwork needs to be in place prior to a successful let. It’s worth noting that, in the case of a short let, your home may be subject to additional inventory requirements that don’t apply to long lets.

Landlords of all rented accommodation need to supply copies of the following documents to tenants:

  • The EPC
  • The EICR
  • Gas safety record
  • Property inventory (strongly advised)

If the tenancy is an AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy), the government’s How to Rent guide and certain specific documentation of the chosen deposit protection scheme should also be provided.

Coffee table Sunderland Terrace, a luxury house in West London

Required paperwork to sell your home

As early as possible, speak to your solicitor about the legalities and required documentation for selling your home. We can recommend great solicitors from our trusted network. Completing the Property Information Form (TA6), Fittings and Fixtures Form (TA10) and, if applicable, the Leasehold Information Form (TA7) in advance will reduce the time it takes to exchange.

The paperwork required to sell your home includes:

  • Your ID
  • The EPC
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of ownership

If applicable, the following documentation will also be required:

  • Any associated mortgage and secured loan details
  • Building regulations or planning consent documents
  • Guarantees such as damp proofing
  • Third-party notices or covenant consent
  • Certain specific details of the company or trust (if a company or trust is purchasing the property)
  • Part P Building Regulation Certificate (if the electrical wiring has been altered or extended since January 2005)

A leasehold property will also require:

  • The Leasehold Property Information Form
  • Up-to-date buildings insurance
  • The latest service charge and ground rent statements
  • Contact details of the freeholder, landlord or management company
  • The share certificate, if applicable
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Selling or letting your house doesn’t need to be complicated. By taking the time to get to know you and your aspirations, we’ll tailor our services to your needs – and help you realise the value of your property. Our editorial-quality marketing means our listings stand out.

Our professionalism and experience also make us the ideal choice for landlords. We treat your home as if it’s our own. We also offer property management – so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

With more than 20 years’ experience matchmaking discerning buyers and sellers as well as landlords and renters, our impressive portfolio and outstanding network are testament to the value added by our expert team.

Thinking about selling or letting?

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