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Odyssey Kitchen by Lindley Blue

LINLEY have ventured into kitchen and cabinetry to present their truly stunning and bespoke Odyssey Kitchen in Harrods.

Established in 1985, David Linley founded LINLEY with the aim to design and create furniture pieces of the highest quality and which showcase quintessential British craftsmanship and inventiveness, representing everything the brand stands for when it comes to interiors. Having grown from private commissions to now include retail furniture, accessories, interior design and gifts, it was only a matter of time before LINLEY added kitchen and cabinetry to their portfolio – and it could not have been a cleverer decision.

Underlighting Cabinetry by Lindley Blue

Launching the LINLEY Odyssey Kitchen at Harrods, the space presents the brand’s ‘unparalleled British craftsmanship and exquisite design with the use of colour palette, materials and textures that are sophisticated and eclectic.’ Some of the incredibly unique and bespoke materials used throughout the space include exotic marble surfaces, illuminated glass panels, walnut internals and cabinetry which has been fitted with a figured grey eucalyptus framework. The result? A highly indulgent kitchen that beautifully blends the standards of a professional chef with that of a home cook.

A warm and inviting aesthetic has been achieved through LINLEY’s use of timber – ‘bespoke brass accents and integrated lighting accentuate classic details, whilst simultaneously showcasing the quality of materials and craftsmanship.’

Perhaps the most iconic part of the kitchen and of the brand is the striking Bolibian marble worktop. Fitted across the kitchen to effortlessly complement the hints of brass accents, the blue and gold ripples across the marble create a seriously stunning and emotive feel. The LINLEY blue reappears in the push-to-open drawers, crafted from figured-eucalyptus veneers which had to be bleached before dyed in the iconic blue.

Featuring various elements that have been custom crafted to be entirely unique to The Odyssey kitchen, the final result triumphs in every possible way. Moreover, the craftsmanship and creative spirit of LINLEY is undoubtedly evident within each detail of this truly superb space.

As David Linley says himself, ‘a kitchen has to be a place you can feel at home and relaxed, but also somewhere a chef can use with great pleasure.’