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Ibiza Interiors

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Seamlessly melding the old with the new, the rustic with the contemporary, this studio’s design style is characterised by its daring contrasts.

Following the successful development of an architectural practice and furniture store in Amsterdam, Ibiza Interiors was established in 2014 by Dutch interior architect Jurjen van Hulzen to infuse architectural projects with the relaxed energy of the White Isle. Creating from their architecturally inspiring studio space on the San Juan Road, Jurjen and his team find coherence in dichotomies, working alongside both professional developers and private clients to execute high-quality and aesthetically interesting designs.

The studio aims for timeless results which thoughtfully embrace both traditional styles and contemporary finishes. Drawing inspiration from the lush Ibizan landscape, the team utilise natural materials for a rustic feel while bringing in elements of the industrial to cater to the practicalities of modern life.

Their most recent venture Ibiza Exteriors is an effortless translation of their interior innovation to landscape design. Expect lush Mediterranean gardens executed through a sustainable lens.


El estudio busca resultados intemporales que abarquen tanto los estilos tradicionales como los acabados contemporáneos.