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An extension to a luxury holiday home in Ibiza
Casa del Arbol living room with custom-made stone fireplace
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Ibiza Interiors walks us through their latest renovation in south-west Ibiza, Casa del Árbol.

Peaceful, authentic and grounded. These are words used by the team at Ibiza Interiors to describe their recent project, Casa del Árbol. Positioned in woodlands overlooking Ibiza’s western seas, it’s a peaceful retreat that takes inspiration from the natural landscape with an affection for modernist design.

Headed by interior architect Jurjen van Hulzen, Ibiza Interiors have been transforming residential and commercial spaces on the island since 2014. The studio finds coherence in contrasts: vintage pieces are placed alongside contemporary offerings; natural textures and tones are offset by industrial elements.

These dichotomies ring true for Casa del Árbol. The home’s authenticity derives from a blend of quintessential Ibicencan materials and a mid-century aesthetic, with spaces deftly opened up to channel light throughout the year. Joining forces with Puga Constructions, who specialise in rustic Mediterranean architecture, Ibiza Interiors have accomplished a refreshing take on island style.

What was your inspiration for Casa del Árbol?

The main concept for the project was the idea of connection. Our objective was to bring together a mid-century style, with which the house was already imbued, with a contemporary island vibe. We took as much inspiration from designers such as Pierre Paulin and Mies Van der Rohe as we did the Balearic culture, landscape and lifestyle. You’ll see how minimalist seventies furniture is combined with a warm and rustic Mediterranean aesthetic.

The interior design and furniture of the home illustrate this blend of modern and vintage, thanks to your partner company The Modern. Can you tell us more about it?

The Modern is our furniture and design store based in Amsterdam and Ibiza. Our portfolio consists of authentic vintage pieces and contemporary artwork and furniture, creating a timeless effect individually tailored to each of our projects.

In Casa del Árbol, the fireplace is custom-made from a huge piece of natural stone. We played around with different textures to give it a distinctive character, making it a central element of the home’s interior design. All the carpentry was hand-crafted, from the rattan cabinets to the reclaimed oak kitchen.

"Our objective was to bring together a mid-century style, with which the house was already imbued, with a contemporary island vibe."

- Jurjen van Hulzen

Tell us about the technology of Casa del Árbol.

There’s underfloor heating throughout, making the home cosy all year round. There’s an amazing indoor and outdoor sound system, with integrated speakers in the walls and ceilings. Where we could not expand the space of a room – for example in the bathrooms – we included skylights to maximise the natural light indoors. It was also necessary to install good insulation; having worked in Ibiza for seven years, we know the importance of good architecture to balance Ibiza’s challenging climate across its summer and winter seasons.

What’s your favourite aspect of the home?

Wherever you are in Casa del Árbol, you feel connected to nature. The terrace seems to merge completely into the forest, whilst the swimming pool gives an effect that you’re plunging into the sea. We also love the addition of the glass roof with steel framing in the dining area; the solarium brightens the home during the winter and encourages connectivity to the garden during summer.

“The terrace seems to merge completely into the forest, whilst the swimming pool gives an effect that you’re plunging into the sea.”

- Jurjen van Hulzen

Casa del Árbol is set amongst rich forest and vegetation. What was it like working so close to nature?

Working in Ibiza gives us exposure to the sea, sunlight, natural stone and pinewood – elements that inspire us daily. It’s part of the reason why we wanted to design a house that literally blends into the landscape. We opened the villa up as much as possible to ensure it felt at one with the surrounding scenery. The result is striking: it’s definitely a house that highlights the natural heritage of the island.

You say that Cala Moli is “Ibiza’s version of dolce farniente”. Tell us what this phrase means to you and the home?

Casa del Árbol has many different corners that invite rest and relaxation – including one perched in the trees. Time seems to stand still here, where you can do nothing and enjoy being present in the moment.

What do you imagine a typical day at Casa del Árbol to look like?

Waking up late to the sound of the cicadas, a yoga session facing the sea and a trip to the beach – just three minutes away down a secluded footpath. After a swim in the Mediterranean sea, you’d make lunch in the outdoor kitchen, then drift between the turquoise pool and lounge spots all afternoon. Dinner is backdropped by the lush forest, followed by a long soak in the bath to complete an evening.

Casa del Árbol is available to rent for longer term stays with a minimum 31 day booking period.