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Skylight by Gianni Botsford - luxury architecture in London
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Gianni Botsford Arquitectos


Arquitectura de adaptación local; el espíritu del galardonado estudio Gianni Botsford es formar una unión entre sus diseños y los entornos circundantes. 

The contents of an art gallery must be visible; the rooms of a house must want to be inhabited; a town should be where people want to live. These are some of the guiding principles of Gianni Botsford Architects, whose success is built on transforming constrained environments into show-stopping spaces, through meticulous planning and a careful eye for detail. Light, weather, location and local traditions are all thoughtfully-considered by the firm.

They are the masterminds behind the award-winning ‘House in a Garden’ – a name synonymous with pioneering design within the architecture industry. They are a small team of experts, allowing them flexibility in their design and construction, wherever they are in the world.

Reception room by Gianni Botsford - luxury architecture in London

House in a Garden" es un nombre sinónimo de diseño pionero en el sector de la arquitectura.

Exterior by Gianni Botsford - luxury architecture in London