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Purple chair by Campbell-Rey
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Interior DesignFurniture
Interior DesignFurniture

With spaces as idiosyncratic as their furniture, expect convivial colours and innovative craftmanship from the avant-garde design studio, Campbell-Rey.

Fronted by design virtuosos Duncan Campbell and Charlotte Rey, Campbell-Rey is an award-winning studio with a love of historic architecture and traditional decorative techniques. They are skilled in creating conversations between different eras, styles and objects, ensuring a theatrical and irreverent spirit in any project they undertake.

Their furniture is sold exclusively through The Invisible Collection, whilst their homeware can be found on MatchesFashion, Svenskt Tenn and 1stDibs. They conduct projects worldwide, and have gathered an impressive list of clients, working with the likes of Bentley, Bulgari, Christie’s and Kartell. Exaggerated and opulent forms, colourways and textures are just part of their storytelling and creativity.

Fireplace by Campell-Rey

Creemos que para crear un mañana mejor, debemos empezar a trabajar hoy con la energía más verde posible.

Red sofa by Campbell-Rey