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Living Room by De Castro Architects
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De Castro Arquitectos


Localised design crafted with an understanding of international lifestyles. Whilst Eduardo de Castro’s projects are woven with modern hallmarks, you’re never far from a relic of the past.

Eduardo de Castro gathered years of experience working across both Europe and Asia. His extensive portfolio ranges from urban master planning to large-scale architecture and interior projects, before heading de Castro Architects’ Ibiza branch (their Madrid branch is lead by partner, Fernando de Castro).

Eduardo responds to the demands for high-end pieds-a-terre with an approach that is at once international and localised. It’s precisely because of his worldly background that he is approached by globetrotters; people who are looking for a home that will let them enjoy a modern Mediterranean lifestyle and be a part of a diverse and multicultural community.

Like traditional island residences, Eduardo is careful to create a seamless dialogue between landscape, form and function. Drawings are adapted to the site’s topography, conditions and views. Internal spaces are then enhanced by making the most of the natural light and maximising ventilation. Likewise, sustainability is important in his practice: complementing a heritage palette with contemporary technology such as improved energy efficiency or a recycled water system.

Infinity pool by De Castro Arquitectos

People who are looking for a home can enjoy a modern Mediterranean lifestyle whilst being part of a diverse and multicultural community.

Wooden canopy by De Castro Arquitectos