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Balli Interiors

Interior Design
Interior Design

An Italian born, Ibiza-based design studio that fuses traditional and contemporary to create timeless interiors.

Born in Italy in 1972, Balli Interiors brings the best of Italian tradition and style to homes. Specialising in the conception, construction and completion of projects around the world, their creative design studio works on everything from residential and commercial, to hospitality spaces.

Through a unique synergy of dialogue, strategy, design, visuals, materials and crafts, their team of highly skilled professionals work to turn dreams into reality. Alongside producing high quality 3D images, renders and mood boards, the studio also offer bespoke furniture creation in order to create highly individual, design-led spaces. Projects include a high-end property in Hamburg and hotel in Verona, plus a private spa in Cap Martinet.

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Your home tells the story of who you are. Balli Interiors are your trusted storytellers.