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Domus-Nova-Powis-Gardens-London-Property-For-Sale (6)

Expertly designed and reconfigured to stunning effect by 1508 London, this three-bedroom duplex positively beams from the inside out.

These are truly bright whites whose collective glow is somehow warm instead of cold and clinical. How? It seems that the lustre radiating from the pristine walls is tempered by a clever selection of golden hues and caramel tones. Wooden kitchen joinery is a deep honey colour which reflects the statement fireplace mantel finished in a satin bronze. Even the kitchen counters and splashbacks are marbled with golden-brown streaks. Additionally, a clever pairing of glossy surfaces and luxe matte finishes strike the perfect balance between relaxed and opulent; the blonde wooden flooring eliciting that sought-after sense of Scandinavian Hygge.

Within the space, the architecture takes a unique approach to form and function, boldly implementing functionality to enhance its structural aesthetic. Given the predominantly lateral layout, the bedrooms have all been allocated to one floor in a smart, linear configuration, leaving the raised ground floor available for the entirely open-plan kitchen, dining and living space. Doing so has helped to establish a fantastic South-to-North flow through to the garden, which is accessible from both floors. As beautifully manicured as the interiors, the garden is enclosed by a shroud of luxuriant greenery which brings a real sense of privacy to the otherwise open space. Capitalising on the property’s two floors, a wide decked terrace acts as an extension of the living room, with stairs leading down to the garden and patio.

Nestled in a quiet enclave of Notting Hill in Powis Gardens, just moments from bustling Portobello Road, there is a real beauty to the (despite its good looks) somewhat utilitarian nature of this apartment. Everything in this home has been so well thought through and integrated within the structure to perfection. It is clear just how much the architects believe in the detail, and subtly weaving that detail into a design. Taking this approach means that the exact vernacular of the apartment isn’t immediately apparent. This provides a certain amount of adaptability but still a visually expressive, timeless aesthetic.

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