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Exterior of Alba Place

Situated on a highly desirable gated-mews just off Portobello Road is this phenomenal two-bedroom contemporary home.

Arranged over three floors, each storey presents a unique urban living environment which pairs a minimal aesthetic with contemporary furnishings and clean-cut fittings throughout. The end result is a bold yet reserved house which resonates perfectly with modern city living.

Both bedrooms span an entire floor to create the ultimate sense of serenity and peace away from the social pockets. The master bedroom defines discreet luxury, complete with elevated ceilings, beautiful polished solid wood floors and the addition of a skylight which casts infinite streams of natural light throughout.

A sense of Scandinavian minimalism flows between the various rooms to give it that fresh and modern feel that the home evokes so effortlessly. The use of natural materials can’t help but make us feel as though we’re in a secluded Norwegian cabin – from the ash-wooden furnishings to the simple yet highly attentive layout – we get total hyttekos vibes, or ‘cabin cosiness’.

If there was one staircase that we could gush about all day, it would be this one. Connecting the lower ground floor all the way to the roof, this award-worthy wooden creation plays with movement and form beautifully. Conveying a floating illusion, the wooden panels present truly great architectural design within a reserved yet uniquely crafted home.

With a rooftop garden offering views of the surrounding neighbourhood and vibrant Portobello Road, it’s as if one is immersed in the Notting Hill scene at all times. Wooden decking and a skylight feature only elevate the space to be the outdoor addition that every neighbour desires.

A refreshing take on bold and masculine architectural structures, the harmonious balance between industrial-inspired features and nature-oriented elements could not have been achieved more flawlessly. Incredibly rare and unique to the area, the discreet yet undeniable feeling of serenity exuded throughout each space is what makes the home a winner in our books. 

Terrace of Alba Place
Living room of Alba Place