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We speak with the publisher behind Made in Ibiza, a photographic journal that beautifully captures the island’s community of crafters.

There is something singular about the creative culture of Ibiza. Across centuries and civilisations, this island has been a site of international exchange and the devoted expansion of craftsmanship. From architects to authors, its remote location and natural beauty have long been sources of inspiration for artistic types.

“We wanted to share our love for Ibiza, conveying the extraordinary range of talent here,” explains Hugh Merrell. The publisher behind Made in Ibiza, Hugh was keen to reveal an ever-growing network of creatives — the heartbeat of the island that exists, quietly, behind the beaches and nightclubs.

“The book will enable both residents and visitors to see a different side to the island.” Since the nineties, Hugh’s eponymous group Merrell Publishers have specialised in titles about design. “I’m always on the lookout for interesting subjects,” he says. “So when creative directors Sonja and Jan van der Hagen approached me to develop Made in Ibiza, I just had to say yes.”


The book introduces us to 35 independent makers — including jewellers, farmers, ceramicists, gallery owners and stage designers — who are part of this village-like, artistic cohort. “These artisans play a crucial role on the island,” says Hugh. “Working with traditional tools and techniques and then passing on that knowledge to the next generation.”

Ibiza’s soulful collective of individuals and small companies comes to life here. “Each artisan is skilled in a particular craft or trade. Their attention to detail and high-quality produce is what separates them from large-scale producers,” Hugh adds. “All our contributors have found inspiration here. They each respond to the island’s landscape, weather, ancient and contemporary histories.”

Much like its London predecessor, Made in London, the book builds a sense of place with evocative text, transportive imagery and uncovered histories. The writers, photographers and contributors all have a finger on the pulse as to what makes the island so compelling.

"All our contributors have found inspiration here. They each respond to the island’s landscape, weather, ancient and contemporary histories."

“Over time, the plethora of perspectives and aspirations has embroidered the island’s creative soul,” writes resident and journalist Liam Aldous, in the tome’s introduction. “As Ibiza has become more cosmopolitan, it has re-emerged as a global village.”

The island’s eclectic patchwork of creatives is made clear throughout. Renowned designers such as Blakstad Design Consultants are placed alongside independent artists with small garden studios. Hugh’s stand-out contributor is Vincent Marí Serra, a historian, constructor, esparto weaver and champion of Ibizan rural heritage. “I am mesmerised by his knowledge of ancient techniques,” Hugh muses. “He restores buildings across the island and engages in sustainable agriculture — a key factor in Ibiza’s future.”

Made in Ibiza concludes with a focused historical lens. “Martin Davies has contributed vitally important chapters discussing how Ibiza became a sanctuary for artists in the 20th century,” Hugh recalls. “The absolute bedrock of the island’s creative core is not only its exceptional beauty and abundance of sunlight, but the casa payesa in which clubs have operated, artists have painted and architects found inspiration.”


Living area designed by architect Estudio Vila 13 photographed by Ana Lui
- Living area designed by Estudio Vila 13 (©Ana Lui)

“These artisans play a crucial role on the island. Working with traditional tools and techniques and then passing on that knowledge to the next generation.”

Martin is a long-standing resident and writer, whose investigations help to reveal Ibiza as a site of cyclical creativity. He shines a light on the White Isle’s archaeological, religious and folkloric legacies.

“The future of Ibizan artisans is very promising,” Hugh states. “Over the last 10 years, there’s been a definitive resurgence of interest in handmade products, reacting against mass consumerism.” Made in Ibiza carries a torch for its local artisans while also serving as inspiration for communities around the world: to preserve traditional techniques, promote sustainable manufacturing and find soulful meaning in artistic creativity.

Made in Ibiza is available to purchase through Merrell Publishers.